Jumpman, Jumpman. Nike AIr Jordan Sneakers

Think bigger than just a logo.

Folks think branding is just a logo. They’re wrong.

Thinking bigger than just a logo can completely transform your brand and build your business into something people admire – all because your product or idea becomes synonymous with a colour, word or shape.

Think about McDonald’s. The golden arches popped into your head didn’t they. Now Air Jordan brand from Nike, it’s all about the Jumpman. If I say bright red sports car to you? Yep, it’s Ferrari.

It’s a simple concept but hard to execute if you don’t focus on everything that can impact your brand. By taking everything into consideration and not just a logo, it’s more likely that the public, new customers or current clients will recognise and associate something with your new amazing business idea.

You know the yellow van with the red logo doing 70mph on the motorway is delivering a parcel to its intended destination on time and with care, because it’s DHL. There’s no one else it can be.

McDonald’s is so widely recognised that they don’t need to have ‘McDonald’s’ emblazoned across all of their customer facing material. They’ve reached a point where the ‘Golden Arches’ would still be recognised as the place for fast food! They’ve taken their brand beyond the name, logo or tagline.

By thinking bigger and creating a ‘brand’, not just a logo, you’ll make it easy for people to recognise and associate your business with something as simple as a colour, shape or pattern.

That’s what you want, right? To make your branding work so well for your business that people recognise you in an instant.

By thinking long-term and seeing quality functional branding as an investment you’re on the right track already and we’d love to talk about where you can go with it. Why not give us a quick call – 07551 717478 – to arrange a brand review?