Playing on the Juke Box this week – maybe monthly 🤔

Maybe Quarterly?

We so badly wanted to make time for this and write about the music we’re listening too in the Studio, every month. As you can pretty much see its not been a month since our last music related post. With work, interns and some Design Studio DIY it’s been a busy couple of months.

We shall be strict with ourselves and keep Unbloq Mix© going, mainly for the fun of it and the love of the music. We shall see you again in another three months for part 3.

No 4. Inspired 100% by Office Space (dedicated to anyone who’s worked in an office)

This isn’t the song from the movie Office Space but it did inspire an Office Space playlist that we added this classic too. Early 90s Hip Hop plays a major part in getting Unbloq going.


No 3. Music inspired by the The Defiant Ones

If it’s music and sheer creativity that interests you, we cannot recommend The Defiant Ones enough. It’s available on Netflix and shines a lite on two people who are so creative and talented that we have watched it three times. This song was produced by Jimmy Iovine who blagged his first producing job (working with Bruce Springsteen) and went on to work with some legends in the music industry.

The Defiant Ones is so good and shows the ups and downs of being creative and standing for something, when others walk away from your vision. Stick with the dream!


No 2. David Bowie (we don’t need to say anything else!)

See above for why this is here and the ‘Putting out the fire with gasoline’, is one of the best lines ever.


No 1. Being a teen in the 90s was brilliant

Revelation of the year Paul our Creative Director was an avid skater in the 90s. Not a skateboarder but a Roller Skater 😂 many a Saturday night spent in Derby at Roller World listening to this classic and apparently ‘skating backwards at some speed!’, we cannot see it, but this is one classic dance track that we love. The skating we need proof!

Thats it for this week pop pickers! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, to see more of the useless rubbish we share 🙂