Playing on the Juke Box this week – Week 1


Some of the freshest (do people say that?) music that gets us going while we work away in the studio. Music plays a massive part in studio life, we like to talk about it, so decided to pick some of our weekly faves and share them with you wondrous people of the internet. Hope you like.

This week we have some gems that you might like to add to your latest dope (again, do people still say that?) playlist, either way, hope there’s something in the Unbloq Mix© that get’s you tapping your feet.

No 4. The ‘ALL’ Paul listens to is Hip Hop music

Craig Mack recently passed away, what a tune to be remembered for. This remix is a classic but the original is just as good. For those of us that grew up in the 90s this is one of the best.


No 3. The ‘who’ doesn’t like Mr. Long Island

Billy Joel is the man, maybe not as well known in the UK as he is in the US but this song is a guaranteed boost for a Monday morning, fire up the week in the studio like it’s 1989. The video is a stone cold 1980s inspired visual blessing.

‘We didn’t start the Fire’, remember that kids!


No 2. The thank the heavens for Spotify

Seinabo Sey is one of those artist that sounds like she recorded this song in the 1940s in a smoke filled Jazz club. We recommend that you add this, listen on youtube, who cares, just do it you will not be disappointed. We reckon this would make a way better James Bond theme than nearly all the recent attempt. Sorry Sam Smith we’re looking at you. Without access to Spotify there is no way we would have stumbled across this gem!


No 1. 1970s Rock was the S*@T and Aerosmith were loads better, then

Classic rock staple. Be honest with yourself, we all thought Aerosmith only did 1980s Soft Rock, that song with Run DMC and the Armageddon tear jerker from the 1990s. This one snuck up on us in a major way we had never heard Aerosmith sounding like this. So much so we had to google if it was an original, written by the band. So there you are pop fact fans.

Thats it for this week pop pickers! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, to see more of the useless rubbish we share 🙂