Give me some guidelines!

For me design means everything.

An argument I often had at school was that art and design is pointless. But is it Really?
It’s seen all around in an everyday capacity from Architecture, Furniture Design, Graphic Design, Animation and Games Design… the list is endless. It creates humanity in what would otherwise be a dull and linear world.

Why graphics? well it gives the opportunity to create a visual language, like a brand that is recognised no matter what culture you are in, for example everyone knows what the golden arches are. It’s that much of a recognised logo. The Canadians have split up the recognised Golden Arches to create a unique way finder.

It helps me personally to be creative on a daily basis, it’s spontaneous as you have no idea where a project will go. I love the fact that I’m always learning, be it a new technique or actually learning about a new subject. It makes you more aware of the world around you, allows you to appreciate small things like an old piece of sign writing or a new piece of packaging.

“We talk about Food, Design and what special combo Sarah created while working a shift
at McDonalds”.

I’m considered a little odd by my friends for appreciating a menu or displays when visiting new restaurant. Stopping in the street to take a photo or when I go off on a rant about yet another piece of crap design that has been done. I’ve been known to use design to inspire the girls I live with and teach them about a topic they would have no idea about.

I’ve found that design creates communities, you find yourself at things like Creative Mornings or Ladies Wine and Design where you talk to random people which spurs you on further. Sitting up at 2am just because you’ve suddenly thought of an idea for a project. That’s what design has given me.

What I hate about design is the words “do whatever you want” What I want is some guidelines, that I can then break. Rather than being lost in that void of possibilities.

So yeah design…

Special blog post from Sarah Lilliman, our work placement from Sheffield Hallam Graphics Course. Take a look at Sarah’s work on her instagram feedĀ @sarahlillimandesign