Playing on the Juke Box this week – maybe monthly 🤔

Maybe Quarterly?

We so badly wanted to make time for this and write about the music we’re listening too in the Studio, every month. As you can pretty much see its not been a month since our last music related post. With work, interns and some Design Studio DIY it’s been a busy couple of months.

We shall be strict with ourselves and keep Unbloq Mix© going, mainly for the fun of it and the love of the music. We shall see you again in another three months for part 3.

Playing on the Juke Box this week – Week 1


Some of the freshest (do people say that?) music that gets us going while we work away in the studio. Music plays a massive part in studio life, we like to talk about it, so decided to pick some of our weekly faves and share them with you wondrous people of the internet. Hope you like.

This week we have some gems that you might like to add to your latest dope (again, do people still say that?) playlist, either way, hope there’s something in the Unbloq Mix© that get’s you tapping your feet.

Unbloq Christmas Self-promotion 2017

It’s a Diehard kind of Christmas

We didn’t want to sponsor another Polar bear this Christmas (do people do that? 2018 Business idea number two!) so we decided to get into the festive spirit and produce a short movie that would make us laugh and showcase a different side of what we get up to inside our studio in The Churchview centre, slap bang in the centre of Doncaster.