Building the reputation of your brand. It’s the little things.

Building the reputation of your brand. It’s the little things that count.
We’re all aware of the big brands that are out there. Why? Because they’ve built their reputations so well that we instantly recognise them. Little by little they’ve won us over.

Take John Lewis, we all know the slogan ‘Never Knowingly Undersold’ which tells us they won’t be beaten on price, plus there’s always loads of hype around their Christmas advert every year. It’s like a film release, people can’t wait to see it. One thing’s for sure, they know how to build a reputation and they do it well!

Now let’s look at Tesco. They were such a huge brand that in the 2000’s they nearly took over the whole retail sector. In 2007 Tesco’s brand was so valuable they were taking £1 for every £7 spent in UK stores. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?

So what is it they do?

They use their brand to convince shoppers, investors and (if they hit the right note) the world, that they are valuable, needed, worth paying more for and have the best products and services on the market. It’s what all the big businesses want, to be considered VALUABLE and more relevant than their competition.

How can you start to do this with your business? We could break out the charts and metrics and confuse and dazzle you, but the answer is quite simple;

Offer a service that creates a differentiation.

Let’s say you’re a hand car wash, there’s probably 15 within 10 miles of where you’re sat right now and they’ll all charge about £7 for a simple wash and dry. There’s no real differentiation in what you expect from them.

But YOU can change this.

What if you tried giving away free car scents – not the strong smelling trees – the ones people actually want (Jelly Bean or California Scents) to your loyal customers or people who bring there cars in for a wash on a Friday afternoon. Whatever you like. If you do a quick search you’ll find you can buy in bulk for 50p a unit.

It’s a small gesture, but think about it, now each customer has a constant reminder of your business hanging from their rear view mirror. They’ll think you’re the best hand car wash in town because you’ve made a great job of washing their car AND made it smell fantastic.

That one small gesture has;

  1. Intentionally added value to your customers’ experience
  2. Reminded customers who you are
  3. Showed your commitment to offering an excellent service
  4.  Demonstrated that you’re passionate about what you do

Every business from the largest of multi nationals to the adaptable solopreneur can increase their customer engagement, and become more valuable as a brand by employing brand values as part of their business strategy. It’s not always about price. It’s about how well you can differentiate yourself.

If you’re not sure where to start with this, we can help you define your brand values and offer ideas for making your business stand out as part of our brand audit. All you need to do is contact our helpful team and ask for a review.