URVO - The Perfect Answer Countdown

URVO – The Perfect Answer

URVO approached us in early 2017 with a tired and out-of-date website. Impressed by our work for other communication companies, including KAT Communications and Reach Interactive, they recruited us to develop a bespoke website to sell their subscription based packages.

Working with the URVO team we decided that the website needed to be visually rich using bespoke service icons and photography, yet focused on the benefits of subscribing to a virtual telephone assistant. We approached the design and website build with a mobile first approach, based on research that most (if not all) users of the URVO service would be busy professionals who are always on the move, so need a virtual assistant to help them in and out of office hours.

The URVO website works across all devices, but we knew that the majority of users would be busy professionals who relied on their mobile devices. That’s why the bespoke website and content structure was broken up into digestible sections for better mobile viewing.

By far, the biggest challenge was creating an online buying journey that was 100% online; the URVO team did not want to be contacted until the user had completed their service set up. Working with the URVO team we created a five step process to capture details and set up the service for each subscriber, ending with the user signing up for a URVO monthly subscription and paying securely via the payment partner.

We still oversee URVO’s entire digital mix, from SEO to social media, and are actively involved in establishing them as one of the biggest and best virtual assistants in the marketplace.

We overhauled the URVO brand, identity and website to create a B2C bespoke website and clean graphic language that represents the URVO approach and ethos.

View the URVO website  >  urvo.co.uk

EC 1 Group Interior project

EC1 Group

EC1 Group wanted a website that would show off their craftsmanship and attention to detail in their work for architects across London and the UK.
Building projects of this quality need to be shown off. We wanted to showcase the photography in the best way possible, which meant using MASSIVE image tiles and galleries across the website.

The level of detail on these building projects speaks for themselves; words were not the most important thing on this website. We created a portfolio based website that does precisely what the client wanted – showing potential customers and project managers the level work they do.

IandS Construction hero shoot

I & S Construction

I & S Construction are an industry-leading light weight steel frame construction and installation company. They came to Unbloq with zero online presence and wanted a website to showcase their projects and skills.
The site needed to show what I & S Construction do from project to project and share information on the team’s skill set and experience in the construction industry.

The I & S Construction website had to present information simply and clearly to users, in a way that’s easy to navigate, easy to read and easy to digest. We focussed on simple navigation structures and the key content areas – lightweight steel frames and dry lining – making the site concise and easy to understand.

View the I & S Construction website  >  iandsconstruction.com

Southpaw Fitness Logo and brand image

Southpaw Athletic Gear

Working with a small team to help launch a golden era boxing inspired sportswear fashion brand based in the UK.

Small budgets, big ideas – a challenge we could not resist. We worked with the two business partners to help name the brand, we then created an identity that would work in the 21st century sportswear market yet still hark back to its 1940s heritage. Bright colours combined with a hand drawn ‘S’ are used to create a crest that we use like a pin badge to support 1940s inspired imagery. The brand crest is supported by a clean, modern southpaw wordmark that is used on clothing tags and other garment prints.

We crafted a wordmark and logo that is modern yet representative of an era in boxing that had leather gloves, black and white photography and legends like “Sugar” Ray Robinson.

The Southpaw website was developed in partnership with the teams digital agency, we approached the initial wireframes and website planning with the idea that the site needed to be mobile first, fitting in with the consumer habits of the target 18-34 age demographic. A library of retro boxing photography are used across the site creating a distinct online brand with great visual impact.

Safety First on site image

Prestige Safety Services

Prestige Safety Services are a young, professional safety consultancy with a fresh approach over their competitors.

Our role was to help Prestige Safety Services show they are not a one size fits all consultancy, and establish them as a credible and knowledgeable service provider using a WordPress-based website to reflect their company values.

The first thing we did was organise their services into six skill sets and service offers, to allow potential clients to easily identify the service or services they need and access the information quickly.

We separated the site into key services and skill sets, cleared it of roadblocks and created a site that has now become an important marketing tool for Prestige.

Across the website we included clear points of contact, as these are key to Prestige’s process. The services they offer their clients are bespoke and these contact points allow potential clients to freely ask questions, while shortening the timeline of getting out and assisting clients in the field. We later expanded the site with training courses that can be booked online and a knowledge base that promotes the trusted adviser role.

The result – a slick modern aesthetic, positioning Prestige as a premium safety consultancy that has become a trusted safety adviser to existing and new clients.

View the Prestige Safety Services website  >  prestigesafetyservices.com

Eden Lea Recruitment Brand Image

Eden Lea Recruitment

Branding a modern recruitment agency that recruits across a broad spectrum of sectors, with a varied mix of vacancies. We worked with Eden Lea to develop a creative visual language that is vibrant and energetic.

Eden Lea briefed us to unify their brand across the corporate and technical divisions by injecting personality to show clients who Eden Lea is. Working with the Eden Lea team we generated key words that fitted with the job search and job placement process, then we set about creating the bespoke display typography and distinctive illustration style that was to be used across all frontline communications.

We radically overhauled the Eden Lea brand and created an approachable, fun brand framework to reflect Eden Lea and the way they work.

The typography and illustrations were combined with the Eden Lea halo to present the various job roles that Eden Lea regularly recruit, creating a window into Eden Lea and the fantastic job that they do for their clients.

A distinctive brand that uses bold type, illustrations and vibrant colours to stand out from the crowd. The halo device lends itself to an endless amount of design applications from email signatures to branded messages.
The Real Junk Food Project Logo

The Real Junk Food Project

As proud Doncaster folk, we are always on the lookout to support projects that we believe in, and The Real Junk Food Project is one of them.

The Real Junk Food Project needed a brand identity that builds trust with potential supporters and investors. We approached them as we believe in what they are doing. We created a fun identity and brand to help Real Junk Food with their mission, to help others while sorting out the food waste problems we face in the UK.

The Real Junk Food Project is a charity that is hands on, it’s a charity where everyone gets stuck in to make a real ‘make the best from nothing’ feeling, we wanted the identity to reflect this.

Hand drawing the main logo and various other graphic elements across the website and printed communications gave us the feel we were looking for. The final design captured the hands on, pitch in look that The Real Junk Food team were after. We continue to support the charity as they grow and support more and more people in the local area. Producing visually interesting designs for The Real Junk Food Project, that help spread the message in digital and print form.

The brand has become very recognisable and developed a trust with investors and people who use the various services that the charity offers, a real community is being built.
The current website has been a major success in spreading the word of the charity and regularly attracts 300+ visits a week, not bad for a start up charity. We look forward to launching an in depth website in 2018.Oh – and if you are in Doncaster – pop in and support them!

View the Real Junk Food Project website  >  therealjunkfoodprojectdoncaster.co.uk